Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pole by: Eric Walters

In "The Pole", by Eric Walters, you will meet Danny, a fourteen-year-old boy who is offered the adventure of a life time.

Danny is the youngest crew member aboard a ship, the Roosevelt, bound for the North Pole! The crew must race to be the first ever to reach the pole.

As solid ice begins to form, a smaller group is hand picked off the ship to make the last part of the journey, with the aid of some sled dogs. Danny is one of the few chosen. The final part of the quest is the most dangerous of all. Here polar bears, freezing temperatures, strong winds, and thin ice could destroy their goal, and quite possibly their lives.

Will they be the first to reach the North Pole? Will everyone make it back alive? Can Danny prove himself to Commander Peary and Captain Bartlett?
Danny had previously gained favour with the commander by saving his daughter's life. He showed himself to be very courageous and soon grew to be respected by everyone on the crew. Danny's skill was put to the test when Commander Peary fell through the ice and Danny had to rescue him.

This is a great book, it's based on Robert Peary's expedition that happened back in 1909. I liked this book for several reasons. One, I like the setting. I've always enjoyed reading about the North Pole and I am learning about it in school for Social Studies. Secondly, I like the fact it has dogs in it. I love dogs! Especially Huskies. Third, I like the main character, Danny. He is promoted from Cook's assistant to a part of the main crew after he saves a girl's life. Everyone likes him and he makes some good decisions.

Commander Peary is determined to be the first one to step foot on the North Pole. So when Danny and Matt get there before him by mistake, what will Commander Peary say?

I enjoyed this book and hope you do too. This book is good for all ages.


  1. Have you read Old Yeller? It's also a good book about a boy and his dog, I just finished reading it, I think it's one of my favorites. I think you might like it too.
    A good book series is Winnie the horse gentler, have you read them all? I have 1 and 5.

  2. I think I might have read it. I'm not sure...
    Yes, I've read all the Winnie the Horse Gentler books. They are really good!