Monday, March 1, 2010

Lead, Kindly Light by: Helen Grace Lescheid

Lead, Kindly Light is the story of Aganetha Loewen, though nicknamed Neta. She is the mother of four children, Lena (Helen), Agnes, Fred, and Katie. This story covers Neta's life from her childhood in the Ukraine, her marriage to Isaac Loewen, her escape from communist Russia during WW II, and her immigration to Canada. This biography, published in 1999, was written by Helen Grace Lescheid (Neta's daughter). In this riveting and inspiring tale, Neta must find courage and strength as she deals with many tragic circumstances. Her husband is conscripted to fight in the German army and eventually is declared missing. Neta never hears from him again. She must provide for her family in nearly impossible circumstances. Through the help of strangers and her faith in God, Neta is able to escape to a refugee camp in Europe. She is eventually reunited with her family and can emmigrate to Canada where she is able to begin a new life in peace and saftey. I liked this story because my grandpa also went through similar situations. God always provided a way out of difficult situations just like He did for my grandpa. Neta Loewen died May 17, 2003. Neta's life began in hardship and oppression, but God brought her to a place of peace and contentment. Whether you are interested in Mennonite history or the plight of refugees during WW 2 this book is a good read. I think this book would be enjoyed from ages ten and up!