Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bruchko by: Bruce E. Olson

Bruchko, written by Bruce E. Olson is the amazing autobiography of a nineteen year old boys capture by stone age Indians, and his adventures in trying to Christanize them.
This book was published in 1973. Bruchko was a nickname given to him by the stone age Indians (the Montilone tribe). His American name is Bruce Olson. Getting to the Montilone tribe was difficult, but coming close to being killed, having a worm eating out of his stomach, and having "beautiful" yellow eyes (a bad case of pink eye turned his eyes yellow) are just a few of Bruchko's trials. He still goes on though, because he knows this is God wanted him to do, even when he is pierced by an arrow. This courageous story is also very sad. When his friend, the chief of the Montilone trobe, and his fiance, Gloria, dies, what should he do? No one believed that Bruce Olson had visited the Montilone tribe, because when you go in , you never come out alive! Why should Bruchko be an exception? Bruce Olson felt God wanted him to share the gospel to the Montilone tribe so that's what he did. I really enjoyed this book, and I think you will too! I think this book would be enjoyed by all ages!