Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indian Captive by: Lois Lenski

In "Indian Captive," published in 1941, you will hear the true story of Mary Jemison - known as Molly to her friends. Molly lived with her family on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania. This story takes place during the Indian and French war.

On a spring day in 1758 Molly was captured by Indians and her family was killed.
After a long journey, Molly and the Indians arrived in a village called "Seneca Town" where she was adopted into an Indian family to replace their lost child.
At first Molly was scared of the Indians, she even tried to run away a few times. But they were kind to her and taught her things about the earth, its creatures, and its plants.

After a few years Molly was given the chance to return to live with white people. But how could she leave her Indian family and all her Indian friends who had loved her and taught her so much?

This is a very good book full of hope, courage, and friendship.
"Indian Captive" is definitely my kind of story. If you enjoy stories about Native Americans or just history, this would probably be your kind of book too!

I would give this book eight or nine out of ten stars.

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  1. I think we borrowed this book from the library once! I never had a chance to read it though, sounds really cool! I like historical fiction or stories based on what really happened. Like Laura Ingals Wielder.