Monday, October 4, 2010

Meg Follows A Dream By: Norma Jean Lutz

Step back in time to 1844 and meet Meg Buehler, a plain twelve year old girl who isn't understood by anyone. "Meg Follows A Dream" is the story of how Meg must fight for freedom to follow her dream.
Meg likes drawing, and is very good at it. So why is she not allowed to draw? Her drawing seems to get her in trouble with everyone. Her mother says that it is a waste of time, her brother teases her about it, and her teacher makes her stay after school for drawing a picture in class. Why won't they leave her drawing alone?
Meg is too sweet to complain that her brother's teasing is getting her in trouble when it's not her fault. She only makes excuses for him, even when he deserves to be punished. When her brother's teasing goes too far and Meg gets a serious head injury, she still covers up for him by telling herself that he is still young and probably had not meant to hurt her. With Meg's sister, Julia, parroting everything her brother says, Meg has no one in her family to turn to. Her closest friend, Susannah, encourages Meg to follow her dream and to stand up to her brother. She even lets Meg draw secretly at her house. Can Susannah and a boy named Damon change Meg's life? Will Meg's mother ever see reason?
I liked this book but it kind of bugged me that Meg always covered up for her little brother, even when he deserved punishment. This book is very enjoyable and would be best for ages eight to thirteen.

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  1. This book was SO freakin' annoying! I did like Meg though. :)