Monday, March 11, 2013

Chasing Jupiter by: Rachel Coker

You can visit Rachel's blog here. You can buy her book on Amazon here.You can also check out Rachel answering some questions about Chasing Jupiter here. Pretty sweet, eh?

Back cover blurb: Scarlett Blaine’s life in 1960s Georgia isn’t always easy, especially given her parents’ financial struggles and the fights surrounding her sister Juli’s hippie lifestyle. Then there’s her brother, Cliff. While Scarlett loves him more than anything, there’s no denying his unique behavior leaves Cliff misunderstood and left out. So when he wishes for a rocket to Jupiter, Scarlett agrees to make it happen, no matter how crazy the idea might be. Raising the rocket money means baking pies, and the farmer’s son, Frank, agrees to provide the peaches if Scarlett will help him talk to Juli. The problem is, Scarlett really enjoys her time with Frank, and finds herself wondering if, someday, they could be more than friends. Just as she thinks everything might be going her way, Cliff suffers an accident that not only affects the rocket plans, but shakes Scarlett’s view of God. As the summer comes to an end, Scarlett must find a way to regain what she’s lost, but also fulfill a promise to launch her brother’s dream.

Thoughts: New favourite book! Each character added such a new depth to this sweet Southern tale. I love the whole thing with the peaches! And I'd tell you what the peaches mean, but ... well, you have to read the story. ;) And I fell hopelessly in love with Frank, the farmer's son.
The romance in here is sweet, nothing inappropriate. The only kiss is between the pastor and his wife, which poor Scarlett has to witness! The language goes no farther than "gosh" or "darn." The violence is limited to Cliff's accident.
My only problem with the story was that I felt like the ending just suddenly sort of happened. The epilogue took me by surprise, because it didn't feel like the end. Otherwise, this is a heart-warming story and I highly recommend it!

And the cover art is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Just sayin'.

I reviewed this book for Team Novel Teen.

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And, just for fun, why not watch this video below to hear the story on Chasing Jupiter from the author herself!?


  1. Great review. I also wish the ending had been a little different. But, for me, I wanted something to happen differently but maybe a longer ending would have made me happy with how it did end. Don't know.

  2. Great review! I would have liked one more chapter at the end too. Fab book, though. :-)

  3. The ending was a little rushed :/ And I really wish Cliff had you know... :( But apart from that this was such a great book! *squeals* And the cover was soooo beautiful :)

  4. Aw, it's your new favorite? That's so sweet! I loved it, too!