Friday, October 5, 2012

Lemonade Mouth by: Mark Peter Hughes

Detention. They didn't expect anything out of it. The principle hoped they would clean up their act. No one expected detention to be the place they learned to use their voice ... and form a band.

Meet Stella. She's got green hair and an attitude.
And then there's Wen. Now that guy's got some problems. Why can't he just realize that he loves Olivia?!
Olivia. With her dad in prison and her mom gone, things just don't seem to be working out for her.
And we can't forget about Mo. She'll never be able to live up to be the perfect Indian daughter her parents want her to be.
Last but not least ... Charlie. He's desperately in love with Mo. And she just doesn't see it.

Join Stella, Wen, Olivia, Mo, and Charlie as they learn how to raise their voice.

My thoughts:

Worst book I ever read.

Before I go any further, though, I must tell you. The movie is my favourite. Here's the movie trailer. I could watch it for hours and hours. If you like, humor me, and comment and tell me that you agree how awesome it is.

But now we will talk about the book.

First of all, there was WAY too much swearing. I winced a lot.

EVERYONE IS FAT. Okay, so maybe I like the cliched novel where everyone is thin and beautiful. Shame on me. My deepest apologies.

I guess after I enjoyed the movie so much, I thought I would like the book. But ... what was cute and sweet in the movie was inappropriate in the book. It's not often you would catch me saying that a movie was better than a book.

Another example of this would be: How To Train Your Dragon Books = SECOND WORST BOOKS I EVER READ. How To Train Your Dragon Movie = CUTEST EVER

There are a lot of "oh my god"s used, which kind of ruined the story. Also, Wen looks at nude pictures of his father's girlfriend by mistake and develops a slight crush on her. Mo makes out with a guy and at one point she wonders how far she'll let him go. Mo also kisses Charlie at the end.

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