Thursday, April 19, 2012

Matched by: Ally Condie

Cassia lives in a perfect society where life is black and white. You have no choices and your life is a map that others use but you will never see. Cassia is wearing a green dress and she's going to finally see the man she will be spending her life with.

And it's ... Xander. Her best friend. It's not often that you get matched with someone in the same Province as you! Cassia is very fortunate. But then there's Ky. After a big mistake she finds herself falling in love with him. But is it him or a desire to best the Society that draws them together?

People don't die on their eightieth birthday, the Society kills them. Why did she not see that before? The Society says they want the best for them ... but can someone willing to lie to hide the truth care about you? Can someone who takes your words and gives back theirs want what is best for you? And, last of all, can someone who destroys love and hope be someone you can trust?

Matched book trailer:


My thoughts:

Dystopian novel? YES. Told in present tense? YES. Society that is never wrong? YES. Girl rebel? Cliche, but YES. :)

I like this book.

You really feel like you're really a part of and are swept along in the story. The whole love-triangle, dystopian story thing is kind like The Hunger Games. You'll love it.

I love Cassia because she's beautiful, because she's different, and because she's willing to fight. All of these things are cliched, but cliche can be good.

Today at work I was pondering what I learned from Matched and, frankly, I can think of nothing. So I asked my sister. She shrugged and said "True love conquers all?" and smiled. So, in other words, I don't think she learned anything either. ;) I'm still looking in to that. Have you read it? Did you learn anything?

I love dystopian stories, in case you didn't already notice that. :) Cruel governments and rebels. Mwahahaha. :)

Note to the author: PLEASE don't let Cassia end up with Xander. I like Ky a lot better.

Objectionable Content:

Language: None
Romance/Sexual Content: Kissing. People being forced into marriages that are usually perfect because the society is never wrong.
Violence: None.
Drugs/Alcohol Content: None.



    And I can totally see why people compare it to the Hunger Games. The characters are so much the same. Cassia=Katniss, Xander=Gale, Ky=Peeta. And they're all stuck in a world planned for them.

    I love rebels too. :3

    I think what you can learn from this book is to stand up for what you believe in and don't let people tell you what to believe.
    I think we all have some sort of longing for independence and choice.

    Wow. That sounded sappy.

  2. Sprinkles:

    I know, right? I must say, though, in my mind I was comparing Ky to Gale and Xander to Peeta. ;) That doesn't mean I like Gale better than Peeta, though!!! :)

    That DID sound rather Sappy ... but true. ;)