Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dragon Slippers by: Jessica Day George

She wanted dragon gold. She got a pair of shoes.
The shoes could save her kingdom ... or destroy it.

Creel's parents are dead, leaving her and her young brother, Hagen, to the mercy of their aunt and uncle. These relatives were by no means cruel, what they did was not intentionally unkind, but that does not change what they did.

Creel was sacrificed to a dragon, in the hopes that a wealthy prince would be fooled into rescuing her. Then she and the unfortunate man would have to marry.

Not that Creel was hard on the eyes. But what prince in his right mind would want to marry a poor girl with freckles?

Creel decides to not wait for a knight to rescue her. She strikes out on her own. But not before making a bargain with her captor. Dragons love to collect things - this particular dragon loves shoes. He allows her to choose one pair. Creel, of course, chooses the wrong ones. A lovely pair of blue slippers, and, surprisingly, the only pair in the dragon's overwhelmingly large collection that fit her feet.

Creel, having now escaped the dragon's cave, is on the road to the king's city, where she hopes to make her fortune. Along the way she meets another dragon, Shardas. She stays with him and his stained-glass-window collection for several months - during that time she spends her days talking, embroidering, and meeting a new dragon, one with a dog collection.

When the time comes to leave, Creel and Shardas part ways as good friends, and Shardas instructs her to just call his name and he will always come. And then, after telling her how to find the king's city, he is gone.

Creel finds work as a seamstress, though not before making enemies with the royal prince's bride-to-be.

She is about to find out that these slippers are more than beautiful ... they control dragon's minds!

My thoughts:

I. Love. This. Book. It's AWESOME! You have to, er, get into it a bit, but once you do ... wow.

The cover is soooo cute! Love it.

There's this guy, a prince named Luka, who is sooo sweet! He's probably my favourite character ... next to Creel, of course.

Dragon Slippers is clever, well-thought out, and fun!

Objectional Content:

Language: None.

Romance/Sexual Content: A quick kiss between Creel and Luka (I don't mention him in the review above). Some boys want to hurt Creel and tease her - flattering and flirting with her.

Violence: Perhaps some fighting, nothing in particular.

Drugs/Alcohol: None.

12 and up.
9/10 stars.


  1. This is an awesome series. But I have to say that the first or second book was my favorite. And Jessica Day George's other books are very good too :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)