Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beyond the Reflection's Edge by: Bryan Davis

Enter a fantastical world where even the mirrors tell lies.

Nathan Shepherd - a sixteen year old violinist - enjoys the life he has with his investigative father and musician mother.

Until that day.

It was all set up perfectly. His mother and he were going to do a violin duet on stage together. The song began. They harmonized together beautifully. Then began Nathan's solo. As he stroked the first notes, his mother whispered these words to him.

"It is time for a very long solo, my love. Play it with all your heart. I will join you again when the composer commands me."

When his solo ended, he opened his eyes, awaiting his mother's notes. She was gone.

Minutes later, he finds both his parents murdered. His father with a bullet hole in his chest, his mother with a slit in her lovely white throat.

Nathan is sent to a safe house, where Tony, the verbally clumsy father of his teenage daughter, Kelly, abides.

Left with a mirror and a note from his parents, Nathan struggles to get over their death. Then the mirror begins to reflect scenes and images that have never happened - almost like it has a mind of its own!

And, somehow, music seems to activate it.

Nathan finds a chest that can't be opened unless his reflection is the one doing it. The world is suddenly confusing and troubled. Especially when he finds out that he can cross dimensions and meets his mother as a young girl!

What he once thought was non-existent is suddenly his job to save. A man of magic tries to defeat Nathan as he learns the secrets to crossing dimensions and discovers new earths.

Kelly and Nathan must join together to battle against the evil force trying to melt all dimensions together.

My thoughts:

Wowzers! This book is good!

Maybe I'm a little biased because I LOVE the violin. And since I play it, I can relate to everything written in this book.

I had to start the book twice before I could get in to it, especially because the middle is a bit confusing. But it really is quite good!

Kelly is quite the girl. I love how she is so hard, and yet so soft, too.

And this sentence?

"It is time for a very long solo, my love. Play it with all your heart. I will join you again when the composer commands me."

It is so beautiful!

Objectional Content:

Language: None.

Romance/Sexual Content: Hinting at Kelly having a dark past. Hint at Nathan and Kelly having a crush on one another.

Violence: People getting their eyes sucked out by a bad guy who uses magic. Fighting. Injuries.

Drugs/Alcohol Content: None.

8/10 stars
12 and up.


  1. You cannot go wrong with Bryan Davis. I recently got some of my books signed by him(er his books signed...I may be verbally clumsy too :P) and got to talk with him a little and it was great! You did a great review and I love how you word things :) He himself said that this series and his other books could be hard to understand. But he trusted that his readers were smart enough to understand it :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful ♥ (Cause You Are!)