Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Golden Road by: L. M. Montgomery

In this book, you will join a lively group of children who share the triumphs and falls of growing up together on Prince Edward Island. You can always be sure their leader, Sara Stanley, or the "Story Girl," is always cooking up beautiful enchanting stories and planning their next adventure. In her group of willing accomplices are Cecily, Felicity, Dan, Felix, and Beverley King. Also in the group are homely Sara Ray and gentlemanly Peter Craig.

Beverley has a plan for the cold, boring winter ahead. He thinks they should start a magazine! Each person gets a section in it. Sometimes, though, they go a little bit overboard with it and end up printing things about each other that aren't true. Ah well, such is the way of a reporter.

But one things is for sure, they are never bored. One time they even get to spend the night with the local witch, an experience they will not soon forget. Or the time when Felicity put tooth powder instead of baking powder into a recipe for potatoes when an important person was visiting.

And there's always the time when someone they thought was a horrible old relative came to visit, and it turned out to be the governor's wife! They said all sorts of horrible things, thinking their deaf relative could not hear them, when she was hearing...and enjoying... their every word.

Peter is always trying to get the attentions of prim, proper Felicity. Sara Ray is always worried about getting in trouble with her overly-protective Mother. Sara Stanley finds a hidden romance in the town they live in, and Peter's father turns up out of nowhere!

But if things are getting slow, Sara Stanley is always ready with a plan or a story. Sometimes it can take months for her to get the story just right, but there's always one there.

Unfortunately, nothing can ever stay the same. The friends are growing up and everything is changing. New people are entering their lives and they are experiencing new things...fame...romance...sorrow...adulthood. Their lives can never be the same.

My thoughts:

I love all of L. M. Montgomery's books, especially this one and the Anne Of Green Gables book series. These books are true classics! Some people might say that in a review, I should find all the bad things in the book, but there are none in this book - at least, that's what I think.

Objectional content:

Language: None that I remember.

Romance/Sexual Content: Peter tries to get Felicity's attention all the time, but that's it.

Violence: Unless you call spending a night in the local witch's house "violent," then no. No violence. At least, that I remember. I've learned not to rely on my own memory when it comes to these sorts of things.

Drugs/alcohol: None that I remember.

This book is for all ages, though I think ten or eleven and up would appreciate this book more than, say, a nine-year-old would. :)

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