Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Crimson Banner by: Jennifer Sauer (and an author interview!)

First off, I thought I should say, the author of this book is an amazing girl and I am proud to call her my "adopted sister."

So. That's taken care of.

Now, this is her book. The Crimson Banner.

Lady Melinda Llewllyn thought she was just escaping her betrothed - Lord Pemberton - when she boarded the Cosette. She did not realize that she was fulfilling her destiny.

Captain Jack Breen knew there was something special about Melinda the moment he saw her. He did not realize just how much he would come to love her.

Selena wants to marry the man who will one day take over the throne, she never realized how hard she would have to work for true love.

Felicia "Toby" Pemberton is sister to a hated man. Will anyone ever come to trust her?

This group of unlikely friends come together along with several others to put the right man on the throne.

But at what costs?

My thoughts:

This is a very sweet book and was WAY too short. I wanted more!!

It is amazing how Jennifer has used this book to glorify our Creator. She incorporates scripture with expertise and I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for her in the future.

The Crimson Banner has got a mix or mystery, romance, and suspense. The characters are realistic, too. Each person has their own role to play, no matter how big or small.

Objectional Content...
Language:  None.
Romance/Sexual Content: Marriage, one or two kisses.
Violence: None that I remember.
Drugs/Alcohol: None.

An interview with the author, Jennifer Sauer!

When did you first start writing?
I’ve been telling tales ever since I could talk and before that I probably told them to myself. When I was about nine or ten, I realized that writers actually got paid to write and that I could make a career out of it. Then, I was probably thirteen when I started taking my writing seriously and trying to improve it.

That's very neat, Jennifer! Did you take any classes?
I took several classes for school but the one that most influenced my writing was the One Year Adventure Novel. Even though I didn’t agree with everything to curriculum said, it challenged me to strengthen my writing and to make it much more realistic. It emphasized on the importance of the story rather than structure so, there was a lot of things that I had never thought about and I hadn’t learned in other classes.

But, mostly, what strengthened my writing the most was me just simply writing. For, the only thing that can truly make a writer a writer is that they write.

The One Year Adventure Novel curriculum is excellent. I've been using it myself. So, who or what most inspired your writing?
First of all, what most inspires my writing is the burning passion within me to write words and create stories. It’s a God-given desire to tell tales and I love the feeling of joy and satisfaction that the simple putting together of words to form sentences gives me.

As for who inspires my writing, I would say it’s all the authors who wrote so beautifully and- in my opinion- used their talents to write junk. I’ve read too many books that had great storylines but were filled with inappropriate content. So, I was inspired to write the books I couldn’t find- ones with good storylines and nothing objectionable content-wise.

That's awesome! That desire certainly took you a long way. What was your first reaction when you found out you were going to be published?
I literally jumped up and down and screamed with excitement!!

Haha, I'm sure. :) Do you have any hobbies aside from writing?
Besides reading and writing, my hobbies (or, my passions, as I call them) are sewing and baking.

You've told me about your sewing projects before; They sound awesome! And are you working on any novels right now?
A few months ago, I finished writing my second novel, a western called The Sheriff of Colsen Creek. Now, I’m working on a science fiction called The Colony about a group of people who live in a Colony under Governmental control and the sequel to The Crimson Banner, called Walls of Refuge, furthering the adventures of Tom Rogers and Toby Pemberton.

Well, that's very exciting. I would love a sequel to The Crimson Banner!  Thanks for doing this Jennifer! And you all be sure to check out her book!!


  1. Sounds neat! (Maddy, do you think I could borrow that book? :)

  2. For sure! Ernestine (from OYAN) wrote it and I'm SURE she would love feedback. ^_^