Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oryus by: Craig Gordon

A dream. A quest. A destiny.

Duncan's life has been one of secrets. He and his father, mother and brother have lived a sheltered life in Laynarra - the one city in Corandor that is untouched by the evils of the world. 

They do not associate with their neighbors, Duncan is not allowed to leave the town, and his father will tell him nothing. If it weren't for his mother, Duncan would probably not even be allowed to marry the woman he loves, a girl named Rhyelle.

But then everything changes.

Duncan has an encounter with Mahaylik - a man who calls himself a messenger for the Creator.

Mahaylik gives him instructions to go to Ruxallium.

It is a very puzzled Duncan that later confronts his father and tells him of the meeting.

Mahaylik told Duncan to ask his father one thing.

"Ask him if he knows how Toric fares."

And these simple words have more power than Duncan could ever imagine. His father, upon hearing them, tells Duncan to ignore the request and never even look at Mahaylik again.

But Mahaylik caused a stirring in Duncan's restrained heart.

His father would tell him nothing of the past, and refused to let him have much of a future.

Duncan has always questioned his secluded life, and now the chance has come for him to live life as it was meant to be.

But how can he leave his family and bride-to-be?

"Trust your heart, Duncan, not your head."

Despite everything, Duncan leaves his home for the first time in his life.

His eyes are opened to new things. Suffering ... and truth ... good ... and bad ...

His father always told him to trust no one ... but could his father only be saying these things to hide Duncan from his past?

On his quest, Duncan will meet Zaig the giant ... 

"Get your hands away from my neck or I'll snap you in two!"

... irresistible Fyfe, the Midni, who is constantly on end with Zaig ...

"Well done, Zaig! I did not know you could count that high!"

... Visuriun the sorcerer ...

"The only reason you are still alive is because I believe you may serve a purpose for me."

 ... and Blaithe son of Kohr - a worker for Mahaylik ...

Duncan discovers his entire family was killed during his absence ... and their blood is on his hands ... except his father and bride ... they are still alive ... and he finds himself on a mission to rescue them ...

... and then his calling is revealed ...

My thoughts:

This book is amazing!

To start with, the characters are all very likeable, the book is incredibly well-written, and the plot is unique.

We can all relate to Duncan. He is annoyed that his father keeps his past a secret from him, and he decides to go uncover his destiny. And, though at the time he doesn't know it, the Ceator is calling him to even higher purposes.

You will also love Duncan's bride-to-be, Rhyelle. She is so sweet!

I should probably warn any younger readers, there is a scene where Duncan and the sorcerer have an exchange while Duncan is in jail, and the sorcerer raises Duncan off the ground without moving a muscle. He also chokes Duncan by just moving a finger.

Objectional Content:

Language: No particular words. But they say things like, "he cursed."

Romance/Sexual Content:
- Duncan kisses his bride-to-be a couple times. (he also proposes to her in chapter three.)
- When the soldiers took Duncan's bride away, he worried once that they might violate her. They didn't.
- Someone hints at the queen betraying her husband. She did.
- Duncan's friend has a crush on the queen. It passes shortly. But he is later accused of violating her, and she lies and says it is true, even though he didn't.

Violence: A couple people are killed. There are fights.

Drugs/Alcohol: Duncan's dad is a winemaker.

9/10 stars.
Thirteen and up.


  1. *chuckles* He chokes him by just moving a finger. It's darth vader! Run for the hills!

    'I find your lack of faith disturbing'


    Sounds like an awesome book! I'd love to read it!