Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Losing Faith by: Denise Jaden

A terrible secret. A terrible fate.

In this fascinating novel by Denise Jaden, Brie Jenkins must deal with the death of her sister, Faith. Once Brie is finally over the shock of her sister's death, she begins to question how her sister died. She is told that Faith fell off a cliff, but is that the whole story? Or is there more to it than that? Brie turns detective to find out how her sister really died, and finds more questions than closure. Like, why did her perfect, church-going sister stop attending youth group just before her mysterious fall from a cliff?

Word has it that Faith wandered off on her own, got too close to the edge, and fell off. Some people think she committed suicide. But Brie thinks there is more to eat than that. And she is determinded to find out what. Brie decides to talk to Faith's best friend, Celeste. If anyone could shed more light on the situation, Celeste could. But Celeste is nervous around Brie and won't talk to her, making Brie even more determinded to find out what is going on.

On the side, Brie also must deal with her parents fighting and her boyfriend (Dustin) leaving her for another. At school she is suddenly tossed aside, unwanted, and friendless. She must live with not knowing the truth.

Brie and the girl that she once feared (Tessa) join together with a boy named Alis, the brother of the girl who was there when Faith had her fall, to find out the truth of Faith's death. Brie joins the Bible study group that Faith was with when she died, and soon finds out that there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.
On the final night, the night when Brie finds all the answers, justice is done. Brie finds her own life in danger, the same danger that Faith had to face.

Here is the book trailer for Losing Faith.

My thoughts:

This book was excellent!

The characters were full of emotion, and they felt so real! Big thumbs up to the title, too! I love things with double meanings. The cover art is beautiful as well.

Brie has to deal with Faith's death. She and Faith never really understood each other after Faith became a Christian, and she regretted not knowing more of her sister after she died.

My favourite character was Brie. She was the black sheep of her church-going family. She never gave up on finding out the mystery behind her sister's death, and she had a lot of courage on that last night.

Objectional Content:

LanguageThere is some swearing in this book
Romance/sexual content: Brie has a boyfriend, Dustin, and he leaves her. However, before they break up, they make plans to "do it". Fortunately, before they can, they are interupted. There is also a boy named Nathan who Brie meets in a grocery store that flirts with her. Also, Brie and Alis (near the end of the book) kiss.
Violence: It's not exactly violent, but the end of the book has a tense scene that includes hypnotism and two people almost getting pushed off a cliff by another girl, Reena. Reena also intended to throw herself off the cliff. 
Drugs/alcohol: Brie goes to a party with Dustin and Dustin gets drunk.

13 and up
9/10 stars


  1. I MUST READ IT!!!
    Do you own it? If you do, could I borrow it on friday? I MUST READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooh!This looks really good!I'm going to see if my Library has it!Great review!Sierra

  3. I hope i can borrow it tomorrow!

  4. Rebecca: It is a good book!!!

    Sierra: Glad you like the review! :) It's an excellent book!

    Scezzle: I checked, the library has it, and we to the same one, so...

  5. It sounds a wee bit risque for my taste.