Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Waves by: Nicole O'Dell

"Just try it one time. It won't hurt anything."

Kate Walker loves to swim! It was because of this that she decided to try joining her local swim team. But swimming on a team is more work then she expected. When she tries out, the coach recognizes her to have a talent for swimming. Because of this, Kate is pushed harder then the rest of the girls on the team. Kate is the new 'teacher's pet'. The coach thinks Kate is the best swimmer that's ever been on the team!

Soon Kate's life is all about swimming. She has no time for anything else. The coach is pushing Kate towards a college scholarship and entering her in competitions. But all this swimming is draining the energy from Kate. She confides in some friends on the team. They tell her about a drink called "Red Dragon" that they use to keep their energy up. Soon Kate is hooked on the drink, but her energy levels are still down. So the girls introduce her to caffeine pills - Another easy way to get quick energy.

When Kate is going to enter an important competition that could effect her swimming future, she feels pressure from herself and her coach. Her mom says for Kate to just do her best, but Kate can't live with that. She wants to win! Then the girls on the team offer her an illegal drug, called 'speed.' Taking the drug would guarantee Kate's winning. But does she really want to take an illegal drug and win dishonestly?

It's time for YOU make a choice.

In these "Scenario for Girls" books, Nicole O'Dell writes two endings and lets you choose what you would do. Would you take the drug? Or would you rely on your own strength?

My thoughts:

I thought this book was really good!

Kate has to deal with her best friend moving away, distrust and disappointment from her friends and mom, and lots of pressure to be the best.

My favourite character is Kate. It took a lot of endurance to stay on the swim team like she did. Some people would've quit, but Kate kept going. I can't say she made the right choice, though, because you have to make the choice for her. What will you choose?

8/10 stars
For 11 to 16 year olds.

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