Monday, January 3, 2011

White Star: A Dog On The Titanic by: Marty Crisp

"Not without my dog!"

It's April 10, 1912, and twelve year-old Sam Harris is traveling across the Atlantic Ocean on the "unsinkable" Titanic to meet his mom, in America, who has just recently remarried.
Sam is surprised and delighted to find out that there are actually dogs on the Titanic. He immediately begins helping with the dogs and taking them for walks. Soon he meets a dog named "Star," a smart Irish Setter. Sam becomes close with his new found friend and begins to spend all his time with Star, much to the horror of his prim and proper guardian, Lady Cabot.

Together with Star and Bucky, Sam's friend, Sam manages to have a fine time on board the ship. Sam also meets other fellow dog lovers, including Robert Daniel and Ann Isham.

Until disaster strikes. The "unsinkable" ship hits an iceberg and begins to sink. Sam refuses to get into a lifeboat until it's too late and must decide what to do. The boy and dog must rely on each other, but can they both survive? One thought flashes through the minds of all the survivers of the Titanic, "It isn't fair. Why are we still be alive when all those other people are gone to the bottom of the ocean?"

I really like this book. I enjoy reading about the Titanic and this book had some interesting people and facts in it. Almost all the characters in this book are real, Sam and a few others are fictional but all the passengers were really on the Titanic.

White Star: A Dog On The Titanic at the back of the book had some fascinating stories about people who had really been on the Titanic. Here is the one I found the most interesting:

Ann Elizabeth Isham spent nine years away from home before she decided to return to U.S.A. and spend the summer months with her brother. She was only one of four women in first-class to die in the Titanic. Titanic experts suggest that Isham brought a large dog with her, possibly a Great Dane. She later refused to board a lifeboat without her dog. A few days after the Titanic sank, a German passenger liner Bremen, passing through the debris, reported seeing a woman, floating lifeless in the water, with her arms around a large dog.

Whether you're interested in the Titanic, history, or just like stories, this is an excellent book!


  1. Cool, sounds like a interesting book!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love looking around on yours and can't wait to read more!

    In Christ,

  3. *Book Blogger You Don't Have To Post This if you don't want*
    You can just read it because you don't have a contact me thing on your blog or a comment section on your story.
    I read your two stories "The Wish" and "The Search For Inspiration" and I have to say that I'm impressed. Jealous, maybe a little. I could NEVER get down the short story, which Is probably why I stick with the novels, but
    Your stories have almost everything I'm looking for in good writing. You've got the pull-in, or "Hook", strong characters for short stories and grammicaly correct. You're gifted with description too, and a lot of it is packed well into such a short story. A great story doesn't need a lot of breaks (****) but yours is okay and if any had to be cut out that could be done easily.The story is good too, when you read it you could proably tell that it was written by a younger writer, but I'm not saying that's bad.
    Your writing really is very good, I believe that you should work on getting some more of it published! And if you ever do decide to publish a book, you know where I am and I'm available to help. =)

  4. Hope you don't mind that I published your comments on my story.
    Thanks so much for the comments! That means a lot.
    I hope to be published one day if I can ever finish my stories! Thanks again...

  5. "White Star: A Dog On The Titanic" is another book I'm going to have to read! You wrote such an enticing review of it. I really like anything pertaining to the Titanic--it's something I like studying about.

    I'll be sure to read this book sometime! Thank you for sharing about it!
    ~ Tarissa

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