Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Review On "A Question Of Loyalty" By: Barbara Greenwood

"A Question Of Loyalty", written by Barbara Greenwood, published in 1984, is a story about Deborah Wallbridge. Deborah must decide where her loyalties lie. Is it with her father, or with the boy she meets in their barn, Dan Peterson? Dan is a rebel, the very people her father and brother, Nat, are fighting against. But Dan is hurt and needs help. Should Deborah help him, betraying her father, or send away this wounded boy? If Dan is discovered her family would be branded with the name "traitor" and have their barn burned down. But, if she turns him in to the sheriff, then Dan would be hanged! Silas Hawkes,a man who never liked the Wallbridge family, is eager and determined to incriminate Deborah's family - even if it means bending the law slightly. What if Silas finds Dan? What if Deborah's parents find Dan? Will Deborah turn Dan away? Dan's plight is in Deborah's hands. Deborah must decide where her loyalty lies. I recommend this book for ages nine to fifteen!

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  1. Nice book! I am in grade 7 and i just love this book! All the danger and ya!