Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book Review on Eight Cousins by: Louisa May Alcott

"Eight Cousins", by Louisa May Alcott, first published in 1875, is definitely a classic. This warming tale about Rose Campbell goes straight to your heart. Rose, an orphan used to living in boarding schools, has no choice but to stay with one of her seven aunts or her guardian, Uncle Alec. They all want her, but who will she pick? She decides to stay with her Uncle Alec for the first year. While living with her Uncle Alec, Rose is always learning new things such as how to bake bread or make button holes. Of course, Annabelle Bliss, Rose's "friend", a prim, proper, somewhat spoiled child, teaches her a few things too, like how to act. She even convinces Rose to let her pierce her ears! Uncle Alec can be a little hard on Rose too. Imagine, eating healthful things like oatmeal and wearing sensible dresses, instead of the fancy ones she is used to. How awful! And can she really go to China without leaving town? At the end of the year, who will she choose to live with? In my opinion this a must have book for any girl's (or boy's) bookshelf. This is a great read for ages nine to ninety-nine!


  1. Eight cousins is an inspiring book.After reading it i would wish to read rose in blooms.